Hotel ratings & guest feedback

Trust what others have to say about your future holiday resort.

It pretty much goes without saying that we – the Löwen team – are convinced by the  Löwen Hotel. The modern four-star superior hotel not only features the perfect interplay of solidity, luxury and closeness to nature,

but is also the perfect holiday home for all of our guests. We would be delighted if our guests had the same opinion and would like to thank you for the countless ratings you left on Holidaycheck and Tripadvisor after your holiday!

What holiday guests say about Hotel Löwen …

“Very good hotel”, “luxury hotel”, “exceptional” – this is just some of the feedback of guests who have already rated Hotel Löwen on Holidaycheck and Tripadvisor. We are delighted that our daily commitment, effort, responsiveness to guests’ requests and genuine hospitality have enjoyed such a positive response.