Montafon ski area: where winter’s still winter

Winter holiday in Vorarlberg – snow magic included

There’s an abundance of in winter around the Montafon ski area. The slopes of the ski regions are covered with a thick white layer of snow whetting the appetite for sporty downhill races. It is the glistening white snow that attracts many winter sports enthusiasts beyond the slopes. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and tobogganing are particularly popular with Löwen Hotel guests. But the Montafon ski area has even more offer – it is not for nothing that it is so popular with "Löwen" guests.

Those spending their holiday at Löwen Hotel will quickly notice the difference to other destinations. The winter in the Montafon ski area is exactly like a classic postcard motif and just how you want to remember your winter holiday. Covered in snow, sporty, romantic and welcoming – as if you had spent a holiday in winter with friends.

The number one for a winter holiday: skiing & snowboarding

The Montafon ski area is popular with its guests for good reason. The best snow conditions, sunshine and slopes for every taste encourage visitors to return to Vorarlberg and to Löwen Hotel. Five ski areas in the Montafon offer high-class winter entertainment. Almost 250 km of perfectly groomed pistes are waiting for skiers and snowboards. 61 highly modern lifts carry you up into the mountains in no time, directly to the winter sports paradise featuring an assortment of welcoming rustic huts.

Exercise & relaxation: active holiday in winter

The ever so popular piste entertainment aside, there’s a lot to experience beyond the ski slopes during a holiday in the Montafon winter. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, tobogganing and winter hiking are only a foretaste of the activities you can enjoy during your winter holiday. Löwen Hotel in Schruns is the best starting point for winter entertainment of all sorts – no matter whether you’re looking to enjoy sports or just kick back and relax.

Winter holiday “on foot” in Vorarlberg: snowshoeing in the Montafon

Hikes through the snow-covered scenery of Vorarlberg have a primal quality to them. Frequently, the only thing audible to the human ear is the creaking sound beneath your snowshoes and your breathing as you hike up the mountain. While you might think that snowshoeing is a newly invented trend.

Our ancestors relied on this technique for getting from A to B in the mountains and valleys. These days, hikes in pure white snow are enjoying increasing popularity, especially during winter holidays. More than 20 hiking trails around the Montafon ski area offer new insights into the nature of these mountains.

Snowy shoe walking in the Montafon © Alexander Kaiser

Cross-country skiing through Vorarlberg’s winter scenery

Glide through Austria’s mountains on skis. Notice the clear air and how good it feels to be doing something for you and your body. Cross-country skiing in the Montafon ski area combines sports with enjoying nature and exercise with relaxation. More than 80 km of classic cross-country runs wind their way between the imposing summits. In addition, the region offers 17 km of skating runs.

Exciting winter hikes in the Montafon ski area

During you winter holiday, you enjoy swapping skis for sturdy winter shoes, especially when the Montafon ski area lures you to the summits with unique experiences. If you want to be wowed by the wide-reaching mountain panorama, the weekly hikers’ safari is perfect for you.

 Even before the skiing day starts, the hike from Alpilagrat to Sennigrat begins, with the breathtaking mountains always in sight. Nightly torch-lit hikes regularly make the eyes of guests of all ages sparkle. A cosy Kasknöpflerunde (cheese spaetzle – egg noodles with grated cheese) and lots of fresh air are included.

Rapidly tobogganing towards the valley on two runners

No winter holiday in Austria is complete without racing downhill with a sled, as the toboggan is called in Vorarlberg. The toboggan runs of varying levels of difficulty even wow cautious visitors. An abundance of endorphins are released on the bendy sled rides. Tobogganing in the Montafon is possible day and night as some tracks are illuminated at night. You don’t have to bring any sledding equipment as you can borrow a sled on location.

Toboggan runs at a glance

  • Silvretta Montafon Kapell: 5.4 km and ideal for families.
  • Golm Latschau: 3 km and a bit more challenging.
  • Lindauerhütte: a 7 km natural toboggan run.
  • Grabs/Gauertal
  • Kristberg: small run that is particularly popular with the youngest guests.
  • Muttersberg
  • Silvretta Montafon Garfrescha: Vorarlberg’s longest night toboggan run at 5.5 km.
Toboggan run in Silvretta Montafon

Winter holiday without borders in Schruns, Vorarlberg

Arrange every day of your winter holiday in the Montafon anew. Have a quiet day today, for instance with a carriage ride through the quaint idyllic winter. Go for more action tomorrow with Pistenbully riding. Enjoy a family day the day after tomorrow on the ice skating rink or with countless fun sports. Winter activities of all kinds delete boredom from your vocabulary.

We are happy to assist you with planning your individual winter holiday in Vorarlberg. Send us your non-binding holiday enquiry and look forward to very special holiday moments of happiness in the Montafon.

Other winter activities at a glance:

Ice skating, ice disco, ice hockey or ice stock sports at the Winterwelt Montafon. Whether playful or professional – being led up the icy path is heaps of fun on a winter holiday.

Pistenbully rides and chancing a look behind the scenes. The humongous vehicles have 490 PS and prepare the Montafon slopes day in day out. Steer the large vehicle yourself on a Pistenbully ride and discover the secret of the perfectly groomed slopes in the Montafon.

Paragliding in dizzying heights. You’ve never seen the Montafon from this perspective before. Go paragliding above snow-covered summits with professional pilots. Enjoy the bird’s eye view!

Romantic carriage rides through snow-covered scenery. The horses trot through the snow-covered scenery with their carriages at a leisurely pace. Spend a comfortable, romantic afternoon warmly wrapped in a carriage.