Events at Löwen Hotel and in the Montafon

The Montafon has a lot to offer its visitors all year round. Numerous activities aside, many events attract guests to the region. And the Löwen Hotel Montafon also hosts interesting events to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Events in the Montafon

Snowshoeing in the Montafon (c) Alex Kaiser - Montafon Tourismus GmbH

Mountain experience BergePLUS


The BergePLUS programme enables you to choose from a range of extraordinary mountain experiences: weather relaxed bike tours, challenging hiking trips or breath-taking climbing adventures. The Löwen Hotel is a partner of BergePLUS, which means the participation in the programme is free for you. Simply register at the reception for your unique mountain experience.


Events at the Löwen Hotel

Dining in the Löwen Stube at the Löwen Hotel Montafon

Gourmet dinner

Four times a year

The exclusive culinary event at the Löwen Stube

Enjoy culinary masterpieces in small groups. Chef Thomas Carvalho de Sousa prepares a magnificent gourmet dinner at the Löwen Stube for you. The star chef and a sommelier will guide you through an evening that will wow you.