Massages & treatments in the Montafon

Spa offers for your relaxing holiday

Classic massages, special massages and massage techniques from all around the world – the Löwen Hotel uses the best methods combining classic massages with modern techniques. Your spa session is tailored individually to your needs and the gentle pressure applied to your skin and muscles lets your energy flow again. In addition, cosmetics and beauty treatments make your ski shine.

Löwen Montafon classic massages

30 minutes € 48,-
45 minutes € 60,-
60 minutes € 75,-

A classic massage uses gentle or strong pressure with sweeping, loosening and kneading techniques. Your circulation is enhanced and muscle tensions are loosened.

30 minutes € 48,-

The area from the forehead and temple to the cervical spine is massaged. This stimulates the blood circulation throughout the head area, allowing the massage to loosen tensions and have a pleasant effect while also easing tiredness and headaches.

45 minutes € 60,-

A pleasant and nurturing footbath starts off this massage, which relaxes your feet through various techniques and harmonises the entire body via the reflex zones.

60 minutes € 75,-

Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle treatment with stroking movements. It is particularly recommended for swellings due to injuries as it helps to unblock the tissue.

Löwen Montafon special massages

30 minutes € 48,-
45 minutes € 60,-
60 minutes € 75,-
75 minutes € 90,-

Benefit from advice from our masseurs and enjoy a treatment tailored to your needs and wishes. We use our special oil made of stone pine and alpine rose that harmonises physically and mentally and has an invigorating effect.

30 minutes € 48,-

This intense massage focuses entirely on the upper back and neck area. This treatment is particularly pleasant for tense shoulders and tension headaches.

30 minutes € 48,-

Particularly tough tensions in the entire back area can be loosened in a pleasant manner by using hot stone and intense massage techniques.

60 minutes € 75,-

A firm massage of the shoulders, back, hips and legs (face-down position) is followed by gentle sweeping, stretching and acupressure of neck and back (dorsal position). Our Montafon deep relaxation oil supports this equally intense and pleasant treatment.

60 minutes € 75,-

This gentle sweeping massage helps you to take some time out from hectic everyday life. Using high-quality essential oils fosters additional relaxation.

Massages from all around the world

80 minutes € 120,-

Warm lava stones ensure pleasant relaxation of the body. Applying stones to specific areas of the body and the subsequent massage help to ease tensions and blockages and activate the immune system.

80 minutes € 120,-

A quiet and meditative massage ritual, drawing inspiration from the Ayurveda field, ensuring physical and mental relaxation. Gentle lymphatic strokes, balancing of energy centres and the use of fragrant alpine herb oil are what this treatment is all about.

80 minutes € 120,-

A dynamic, vibrant massage ritual from Hawaii for inimitable well-being and harmony from head to toe. Extensive strokes of the entire lower arm, deep muscle work with the elbow, alternating soft and frim grips, mobilisation of the joints, gentle stretching and lots of warm and fragrant oil are features of this massage.

80 minutes € 120,-

This full-body treatment combines stretchings and pressure techniques at the energy channels of our body and originates from the traditional Thai massage with a classic massage executed with oil from Thailand (jasmine or green tea as requested). Enjoy this perfect combination for harmonising your energy flow and loosening your muscles.

45 minutes € 60,-

The singing bowl massage provides vitalising deep relaxation for gathering new strength. The swinging of the individual bowls loosens various blockages and tensions in the body. Also ideal for people who prefer a massage without oil.

30 minutes € 48,-

This treatment stemming from traditional Chinese medicine shifts cups on the surface of the skin. A very intense massage for stimulating the metabolism of skin and connective tissue, loosening deep-seated tensions, alleviating pains and activating the immune system.

Cosmetic facial treatments – beauty and indulgence

Lie down, close your eyes and let yourself be pampered. Treatments that will make you radiate even more await you during your spa holiday at the Löwen Hotel. At the Löwen Spa, we will treat you to very special moments of relaxation with views of the fantastic mountain scenery of the Montafon. Choose one of your individual facial treatments or pick a special treatment offered by our beauty partners.

Discover our exclusive cosmetics lines

!QMS is a juvenescent skin care system for women and men of all ages combining revolutionary techniques with high-quality active components. Since its establishment in 1986, Dr Eric Schule has developed some of the most ground-breaking advances in the skincare field. Every product is made in Germany and supervised by Dr Schulte.

The !QMS Medicosmetics careline is among the most high-quality collections in the industry and enjoys the very best reputation around the world. The brand was named “World’s Best Spa Brand” in 2015 and 2016.

Drawing on expert knowledge from over 60 years of experience, BABOR translates the secrets of the finest natural active components into luxury skincare, bringing together outstanding product quality and active component performance. They are both an experience and an effective beauty treatment with highly effective, award-winning treatments.

A treatment with BABOR products is a promise to the skin to protect it and to keep it beautiful. BABOR therefore indulges discriminating customers around the world, reveals their individual beauty and gives them space for holistic well-being.

Attractive charisma is a basic human need. A care principle that is ahead of its time while also visibly softening its traces is crucial to this end. Organic, yet sustainable. Gentle, yet visible. The highly effective range of products by Dr Spiller follows this guiding principle. Natural ingredients and sensitive HYTEC refinement join to create unique effectiveness.

Concentrated natural forces from the mountains and valleys are contained in the Dr. Spiller ALPENRAUSCH product line. Vegetable extracts of alpine classics unite with the activating essences of wild herbs. The certified product line meets the strict BDIH standard for organic cosmetics.

Cosmetic facial treatments

30 minutes € 58,-

Skin analysis, cleaning, peeling, mask, final care

60 minutes € 88,-

Skin analysis, cleaning, peeling, focus optionally on cleansing or face massage, active component phial, mask, final care

90 minutes € 118,-

Skin analysis, cleaning, peeling, deep cleaning, eyebrow shaping, active ingredient phial, extensive face and neckline massage, final care

45 minutes € 63,-

Corrected eyebrows, a relaxing massage around your eyes, an intensely nurturing eye mask and dyed lashes give your eye area a radiant look.

30 minutes € 48,-

30 minutes € 48,-

Lash dying € 15,-
Eyebrow dying € 15,-
Eyebrow shaping € 15,-
Eyebrow dying & shaping € 22,-
Eyebrow & lash dying € 27,-
Depilation upper lip / chin € 15,-

!QMS Medicosmetics

90 minutes € 128,-

Almost no other treatment combination has such a caring and nurturing effect as the classic collagen treatment. Suited for all skin types, it pampers stressed and strained skin particularly effectively. Enriched with unique !QMS collagens, it sustainably removes signs of skin ageing while giving your skin a youthful and radiant appearance.

75 minutes € 112,-

The treatment concept of the SK-Alpha thermo mask unites gentle care with highly effective active ingredients. Each skin type benefits from this stimulating, intensive facial treatment that purifies, detoxifies and invigorates. The unique, thermo-active mask stimulates microcirculation and has an immediately visible smoothing effect on your face and neckline.

60 minutes € 92,-

The wonderfully caring and nurturing Activator treatment makes stressed skin breathe a sigh of relief. This treatment’s regenerative power is based on innovative, activating techniques and select active components ensuring new freshness. Your skin’s moisture is re-balanced and your skin feels divinely rejuvenated.

Beauty treatments in the Montafon

45 minutes € 53,-

Hand bath, nail care, hand massage

75 minutes € 83,-

Hand bath, peeling, nail care, mask, hand massage, polish

45 minutes € 58,-

Foot bath, nail and callus care, foot massage

75 minutes € 88,-

Foot bath, peeling, nail and callus care, pack, foot massage, polish

15 minutes € 15,-

during a treatment € 10,-

Legs € 53,-
Legs to the knee € 38,-
Armpits € 23,-
Back € 38,-

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