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Classic massages, specialized massages, and massage techniques from around the world - at the Löwen Hotel, we rely on the best methods and combine classic massages with modern techniques. Your wellness session will be tailored to your individual needs, and the gentle pressure on your skin and muscles will get your energy flowing again. In addition, cosmetic and beauty treatments will make your skin glow.Classic massages, specialized massages, and massage techniques from around the world - at the Löwen Hotel, we rely on the best methods and combine classic massages with modern techniques. Your wellness session will be tailored to your individual needs, and the gentle pressure on your skin and muscles will get your energy flowing again. In addition, cosmetic and beauty treatments will make your skin glow.


Cosmetic facial treatments – beauty and indulgence

Lie down, close your eyes, and let yourself be pampered. Treatments that make you shine even more await you during your wellness holiday at the Löwen Hotel. With a view of the fantastic mountain scenery of Montafon, we indulge you in the Löwen Spa with truly special moments of relaxation. Choose one of our individual facial treatments or opt for a special application from our beauty partners.

Löwen special

105 minutes € 155,-

A gentle body brushing treatment initiates this procedure. The skin is exfoliated and tightened, lymphatic flow is stimulated, and the immune system is strengthened. To balance the energy centers, warm compresses and harmonizing strokes are applied. Enjoy a massage tailored to your individual needs. We use our special Löwen oil with Swiss pine and Alpine herbs, which has a harmonizing and strengthening effect on both the body and mind. Finally, the face is refreshed and nourished.

45 minutes £ 75,-

Special Facial Treatment with Power Ampoule, corrected eyebrows, tinting of lashes and eyebrows as needed, and Lifting Eye Cream for an all-around fresh and radiant appearance.

Löwen classic

30 minutes £ 57,-

45 minutes £ 72,-

60 minutes £ 89,-

75 minutes £ 106,-

Benefit from the advice of our massage therapists and enjoy a classic massage tailored to your needs and desires.

45 minutes € 72,-

A soothing and nourishing foot bath initiates this massage, during which various techniques are used to relax your feet and harmonize the entire body through the reflex zones.

30 minutes £ 57,-

Fascia permeate the entire human body like a three-dimensional network. Fascia perform crucial functions and are centrally responsible for smooth movement and well-being. If you want a healthy body, you should ensure that your fascial tissue is elastic and vital. During the fascia massage, adhesions and tension in the fascia are released and loosened through sometimes strongly palpable techniques and deep strokes.

20 minutes € 38,-

An intensive massage for the neck and shoulder area, including mobilizations, warm compresses, and a cooling gel for a clear head and light shoulders.

30 minutes € 57,-

The massage with aromatic hair tonic can alleviate tension in the head area. The massage is not only relaxing and soothing but can also alleviate fatigue and headaches.

Discover our exclusive skincare lines

QMS Medicosmetics Logo


Behind QMS®-Medicosmetics is the renowned expert Dr. med. Erich Schulte, recognized as a doctor, plastic surgeon, and cosmetics developer. The QMS® skincare system is an anti-aging active ingredient system that halts the aging process of the skin and eliminates age-related skin problems.



With expertise derived from more than 60 years of experience, BABOR® is a skincare line that combines outstanding product quality and active ingredient performance. Through intensive research, highly effective, award-winning treatments have been developed, providing both an experience and an effective beauty treatment.

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Cosmetic facial treatments

30 minutes € 67,-

Cleansing, peeling, mask, finishing care

60 minutes € 99,-

Cleansing, peeling, optional emphasis on deep cleansing or facial massage, active ingredient ampoule, mask, finishing care

90 minutes € 138,-

Cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, active ingredient ampoule, mask, face and décolleté massage, finishing care

30 minutes € 57,-

Lash tint € 20,-

Brow tint € 20,-

Brow shaping € 20,-

Upper lip / chin depilation € 20,-

Each within a treatment € 15,-

Brow tint & shaping € 35,-

Brow & lash tint € 35,-

Beauty treatments in the Montafon

30 minutes € 45,-

Shaping nails, cuticle care, hand care

45 minutes € 64,-

Shaping nails, cuticle care, exfoliation, hand massage, nail serum, hand care

45 minutes € 69,-

Foot bath, shaping nails, cosmetic callus care, nurturing balm

60 minutes € 89,-

Foot bath, shaping nails, cosmetic callus care, exfoliation, foot massage, nurturing balm

Alessandro® Nail Polish 15 minutes € 15,-

Vegan, opaque, and radiant colors


Alessandro® Striplac 15 minutes € 20,-

No drying time, scratch-resistant, lasts up to three weeks

Treatments for pregnant women

75 minutes € 125,-

The facial treatment is tailored to your specific skin needs during pregnancy. A relaxing massage for the neck, shoulders, arms, and hands complements the treatment. This can be carried out in any week of pregnancy.

60 minutes € 95,-

The hormones released during pregnancy make the body's tissue more flexible. As a result, the entire ligament apparatus, along with the joints, loses stability. This can lead to various discomforts, which can be alleviated through this massage. Additionally, through gentle hands, a comfortable space is created for inner relaxation for both mother and child. This massage is performed in a side-lying position and in an elevated back position with a special support system. It is possible after the 13th week of pregnancy and if there is no high-risk pregnancy.


For our guests aged 5 - 14

30 minutes € 44,-


60 minutes € 84,-


30 minutes € 44,-


30 minutes € 42,-


30 minutes € 42,-


Löwen Business treatments

30 minutes € 39,-

The Derma Visualizer® provides a precise skin analysis, revealing the true condition of the skin. This enables optimal treatments and skincare recommendations tailored individually and effectively to the needs of your skin. The following parameters are analyzed: number of wrinkles, depth of wrinkles, fat content, pore depth, skin changes, and moisture content.

20 minutes € 55,-

Babor® ampoules are masterpieces of beauty care. In perfect concentration, they have an immediately noticeable effect, boosting your skin drop by drop – so quickly that this treatment fits even into short (conference) breaks: cleansing, exfoliation, 3 Babor® booster ampoules, and individual finishing care.

60 minutes € 109,-

Where other creams give up, the specialists at Doctor Babor Pro® spring into action. The innovative precision formulas are inspired by medical research. As intensive cosmeceuticals, they are also ideal for complex skin and precisely tailored to fulfill the most demanding beauty desires. At the beginning, a brief skin analysis is conducted using the Derma Visualizer® to efficiently introduce the active ingredients based on your current skin needs in a condensed time.

90 minutes € 147,-

Few treatment combinations provide as much nourishment and care as the QMSMedicosmetics Collagen Treatment®. Suitable for all skin types, it particularly indulges stressed and strained skin with exceptional effectiveness. Enriched with unique QMS® collagens, it significantly counteracts the signs of skin aging, bestowing a youthful and radiant complexion.

45 minutes € 82,-

A combination of various international massage techniques to quickly release tension, activate the entire body, and create a radiant face. During a cool or warm foot bath, head relaxation and facial refreshment are performed. Following this, an individual back massage and pressure point techniques are applied to the entire back in a prone position to activate energy flow. As a conclusion, shoulder mobilization and neck relaxation are done in a supine position, and an active substance ampoule is applied to the face.

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